February 17, 2017

Contextual Healing

The folks over at the UNC Sheps Center for Health Services Research have released a series of briefs on how health data is used in North Carolina.  For those who may not know the work of the Sheps Center, it is a good introduction to their national model for health data collection and reporting.  For those who do, it is a good reminder of the depth of data that they collect and evaluate.

The Next Evolution

The North Carolina Medical Journal’s January/February issue has a series of pieces on the future of Medicaid.  It’s a good refresher for anyone interested in staying current about the nuances of the debate.  One piece in particular focuses on the need for better metrics to drive Medicaid outcomes.  In it, Dr. Warren Newton shares four areas where the State is working to develop better metrics: (1) Health improvement, (2) Patient experience, (3) Lower costs, and (4) Better Clinician and staff engagement. 

In the Weeds

A recent Cato Institute Research Brief suggests that feelings of uncertainty and instability amplified the effects of unemployment during the Great Recession.  It’s dense, but it suggests  that areas of the country that stayed cool during the crisis fared better.