Thinking About Those Who Represent Us – An Introduction Weekly Insight

The work of 20th century sociologist Vilifredo Pareto introduced the idea of “elites” and studied their role in politics and society. One of his theories was that leadership cycles between “foxes,” who lead towards decentralization, plurality, and skepticism, and “lions,” who emphasize nationalism, established ways, and hierarchical structures.  I revisited Parteo’s theories through a recent article by Hugo Drochon in the New Statesman, spurring a reflection on political theory.  … Full story »

Unpacking bureaucracy: Training public workers Weekly Insight What's Working

The public’s relationship with government bureaucracy is complicated. We simultaneously expect everything and nothing. Government bureaucracy is often a punchline. On good days it is the butt of our jokes. On bad days it is the scapegoat for our frustrations. Yet, like with most punchlines, bureaucracy is the target because it is complicated.… Full story »

A New Chapter Weekly Insight

I moved back to North Carolina in 2005 after being away for a few years. My first full-time job back in our state was working for a public policy shop at UNC-Chapel Hill called the Program on Public Life.  Led by EdNC contributor Ferrel Guillory, the Program on Public Life sought to be a broker of research – to synthesize the work product from the universities and to frame it for the folks making decisions in Raleigh and Washington.… Full story »