North Carolina Insight is a publication of the North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research. Sometimes, the journal focuses several articles on one topic such as key issues affecting the aging or mental health. Other times, Insight may include articles on a variety of policy topics. In all Insight articles, we try to combine the thoroughness of scholarly research with the readability of good journalism.

About the Center

The North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to strengthening public policy through nonpartisan research, education, and community engagement. We conduct high-quality, objective research and provide insights and analysis on public policy issues of statewide importance. We educate decision makers to help them form sound policy. We inform citizens about how their government operates and help them understand the connection between policy and their daily lives. We encourage engagement by convening diverse voices and providing tools to increase civic participation.

Core values:
* high-quality, nonpartisan research free from political or philosophical bias is key to informed decision-making; 
* diversity of opinion and voice improves decisions; 
* inclusiveness and collaboration create policy wins; and 
* research and information should be informative and accessible.  


The Center was founded on September 10, 1977 and is one of only a few independent, state-level policy centers in the country. In October 2016, the Center affiliated with EducationNC, an innovative new media nonprofit. Combining the best new media practices with the depth of think-tank research, our work will help shape the future of our state. Access our entire archive and learn more at our main website at