Balancing Act

What are your state budget priorities?

Do you know how the budget process in N.C. works? Here’s your chance to review the Governor’s budget, weigh in on the spending priorities, create your own budget for North Carolina, and share the results.

We’ve introduced Balancing Act, an interactive budget simulation tool that allows you to adjust revenue and spending categories to align with your priorities. 

Balancing Act was created by Engaged Public, a public policy consulting firm specializing in engagement-driven strategies. It is designed to “bridge the gap between people and the policies that impact their lives by engaging citizens and elected officials in deeper conversations about challenging public issues.”

Over the next few months, we will use Balancing Act to invite you to weigh in on North Carolina’s budget process. 

Governor Roy Cooper introduced his recommended budget for fiscal year 2017-18. Through the Balancing Act simulation tool, you can review the Governor’s budget and easily see spending priorities, make comments, share your concerns, and create and submit your own budget for the state. 

As the Senate releases its proposed budget, we will post the Senate budget, then the House budget, and then the final approved budget. With each budget release, you will have the opportunity to provide your opinion.

This is your chance to review the Governor’s budget and weigh in with your priorities. 

Here’s a snapshot of participants’ priorities so far.  Let us know your budget priorites. Click here to get started!



The N.C. Center for Public Policy Research is affiliated with EducationNC. Nancy Richmond Rose is the chief operating officer for both nonprofit organizations.  

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