Reach NC Voices: Returning to your roots of communications Reach NC Voices

In October I went to the North Carolina Barbecue Festival in Lexington. Everywhere I turned I saw homemade t-shirts and signs in support of then-candidate Donald Trump. I was surprised to not see signs in support of other Republican candidates or any Democratic candidates on the state or federal level. I called Mebane Rash on my way home to discuss a phenomena that was unlike anything I had seen in electoral politics.… Full story »

Introducing a new way for you to engage: Reach NC Voices Reach NC Voices

In the weeks leading up to and then after the election, Mebane Rash and I wondered whether folks living on Jake’s Mountain Road and other similar roadsĀ in rural parts of our state were being polled. We wondered whether those involved in the Charlotte protests were being polled. Whose priorities and voices were really being heard and included in debates about the future of our state and our country?… Full story »