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Visualizing the NCGA Rankings

map of NCGA rankings

Some people like to visualize data, so we created maps from our recent report showing the rankings of effectiveness, attendance, and roll call voting participation for the members of the North Carolina General Assembly.  

Scroll over a dot to see a legislator’s ranking, click on the party name to show rankings by party, and use the dropdown menus to switch between effectiveness, attendance, and voting rankings.  


The Center’s effectiveness rankings are based on surveys completed by the legislators themselves, by registered lobbyists who are based in North Carolina and who regularly work in the General Assembly, and by capital news reporters. This year’s rankings mark the 20th time the Center has undertaken this comprehensive survey, and the eighth time the Center has tabulated rankings of attendance and roll call voting participation, using official records from the N.C. General Assembly.

Free Citizen’s Guide to the NC Legislature app

Citizen's Guide AppThe 2016 rankings are included in the Center’s Citizen’s Guide to the Legislature app. The Guide contains profiles and photos of each of the 170 members of the General Assembly; business and home addresses; email, telephone and fax numbers; seat number; counties in their districts; the number of terms they have served in the legislature; links to legislators’ social media accounts; and their educational and occupational backgrounds. It also includes highlights and trends for legislators’ demographics and occupations, past effectiveness rankings, and more.

The Citizen’s Guide app is freely available for IOS and Android devices, thanks to a sponsorship by EMC2.

IOS: Click here to download or search the App Store for Citizen’s Guide to the N.C. Legislature
Android: Click here to download or search the Google Play store for Citizen’s Guide to the N.C. Legislature


Learn more about the rankings here and download the report

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